Flawless CC Cushion

Every woman deserves a good complexion. VEEÉGE creates a new and quality makeup, "Flawless CC Cushion", uses brand-new light CC cream with cushion, plus its patented hydrating secret. With air filled with CC cream, one can easily have great and healthy-looking skin.

Innovative CC cushion could be applied on skin quickly and naturally conceal the discoloration of skin. Double powder particle physical sunscreen, with ethyl vitamin C and vitamin B3 to fight melanin and whitening the skin. Added with aloe leaf extract, chamomile and other natural plants ingredients, it moisturizes and soothes skin effectively. Meadowfoam seed oil, dipeptides and tripeptides could nourish and anti-aging. With a long-lasting waterproof technology, the makeup does not fall off and can keep the light bright all day. Using the unique puff sponge, it’s easy to create feather-light feel and a nature look.