Glorious Shining Lip Gloss -
VLL1 - charming red

Product Introduction

"LIPS" are the most attractive part of a woman. VEEÉGE created a novel brand-new product: Glorious Shining Lip Gloss, which combines new texture of lip gloss with auto opening and closing LED lights and makeup mirror, allowing users to easily apply lip gloss and be pretty in the dark.


Natural mineral crystal particles make lips smooth and pouty, with additives including hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and vitamin E, nourishing your lips for long hours.

Product Features

1. Shining and glamorous: With multiply lip-caring ingredients, effectively unifies the color tone of lips and nourishes lips for long hours.

2. Trendy colors: Four choices. Trendy and brightful. Your lips could be more delicate and charming.

3. Peach fragrance: Sweet peach fragrance, which is fresh and elegant, giving you the sweet taste.

4. Hydrating: Enriched with vitamin E, protecting lips and nourishing lips for long hours. With avocado oil and hyaluronic acid, making lips watery all the time!

VLL1 Charming Queen Red, Elegant Roses, Stunning and Seductive
Especially for: Office lady, trendy celebrity, queen.

*Charming Red
Goddess-like color tone is like a sexy little devil, no one can resist her lure. With elegant rose red, beautiful and sexy temperament, the saturated lip gloss completely shows the taste of mature woman and enhances the charm that no one could resist.