VEEÉGE is Taiwan's beauty legend.

Established in 2012, VEEÉGE set off a new wave of dazzling trend with its French style romance and American fashion, along with its glamorous color matching and luxurious and elegant package design. VEEÉGE's cosmetics are simple and trendy. All women could find their true colors and release their shiny souls through VEEÉGE's bold and varied cosmetics.

makes every woman become a shining star among the crowds.”

VEEÉGE upholds idea of pursuing fashion and beauty and smartly fusing nature, science and technology together, to bring out a woman's natural beauty. VEEÉGE always walks in the forefront of beauty industry, constantly bringing new products and new ideas to women who likes to be pretty. VEEÉGE will continue to break through in the future, calling for experts in fashion and technology fields. The journey of beauty pursuing will be everlasting.